M.O.V.E. TherapySM

improving the lives of those with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Welcome to the home of M.O.V.E. TherapySM, a treatment for people with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), and Asperger's Syndrome.

M.O.V.E. TherapySM, a nationally recognized treatment program, can help children with ASD improve overall performance in areas such as language, cognition, movement and social interaction.  The acronym M.O.V.E. stands for "Moving Onward, Valuing Excellence".  We want to support parents as they "move onward" from the initial fear, confusion and often despair that comes with a diagnosis of autism.  We want to support parents as they value a life of excellence in their child.  Autism can be improved, and M.O.V.E. TherapySM can be an important piece of the puzzle.

Some of the specific improvements that parents have reported seeing in their child as a direct result of starting M.O.V.E. TherapySM include:

  • Improvements in body coordination (e.g. can jump, can hop, can do a jumping jack, increased interest and success in physical activities)
  • Improvements in posture and walking gait
  • Improvements in visual-motor skills
  • Can walk up/down a flight of stairs
  • Can catch/throw a ball
  • Can pick up small objects
  • Able to learn how to write the alphabet
  • Improvements in social interaction (e.g. plays with peers and adults, shares personal interests with others, seeks others for help appropriately)
  • Improvements in language (e.g. will begin saying new words, will begin saying new sentences, will begin holding conversations)
  • Improvements in joint attention
  • Improvements in focusing and attention
  • Can follow multi-step commands
  • Improvement in memory and recall of events
  • Increased interest in looking at books
  • Increased interest in playing with toys
  • Improved eye contact
  • Improvements in cognition (e.g. will learn arithmetic, will make logical connections in daily life, will laugh at appropriately funny situations, will learn how to read)
  • Stopping or reduction of self-stimulatory behaviors
  • Decrease in touch sensitivity or tactile defensiveness
  • Improvements in body awareness and balance

There are other improvements that have been reported.  Not all children experience all of these improvements or see improvements to the same degree.  Some children become fully functional.  Others make significant improvements compared to before they started the therapy but still need help afterwards. 

Each child is special and unique, and their range of functioning may differ.  The goal of M.O.V.E. TherapySM is to help each child improve their overall level of performance at home, at school and in life.  M.O.V.E. TherapySM has helped others, and can be a missing piece in your child's autism puzzle.